Friday, August 14, 2015


Another very well used room is my dressing room.  I know it sounds like I live in a mansion, right?  But, no just my little 3 bedroom 1920's bungalow.  Storage is not a problem in my home, my closets are quite roomy, but not roomy enough for clothing and not configured for the easy access I would like. The dressing room is in the back bedroom right across from the bathroom.

The closet in my bedroom is used as a linen and household closet and the closet in the guest room is used for miscellaneous storage.  And, honestly, I wanted a separate space for clothing and dressing.  This was the first major change I had made to my home after I moved in 20 years ago.  And the funny thing is all of a sudden it is a "thing."  I see people creating dressing rooms all the time when watching shows on HGTV. 

When the closet was built I had doors installed, but I was not happy with them and they took up usable space.  I replaced them with curtains and this works much better.  To cover the storage space above the closet I use matchstick roller shades.  The closet has both abundant hanging and shelf space and even the floor space is used with portable storage drawers and containers.

On the opposite side of the room a traditional chest of drawers; and the rooms closet is used to store shoes, boots, bags and "special" clothing that is not needed often.  On the door I have a folding clothing rack.  My mother purchased two of these at The Big N (a long closed store) in the late 1970's.  The other is still at my parent's house.  Every once and a while they are marketed again, like something "new."  I couldn't live with out the darn thing.
The only problem I have when changing textiles in the dressing room is finding curtains long enough for the closet with a length that would fit the window.  This set fit the window perfectly, I need a 64" long.  But the panels for the closet had to be shortened.  I purchased the 84" and shortened them.  Because it is a dressing room I chose louver shutters for extra privacy.
I also added a storage tower for extra miscellaneous storage behind the door.  For things like picnic baskets, where to put them?  The top shelf is perfect.  And the garment steamer, ironing board and step ladder are well hidden, but easily accessed.
The vintage mirrored vanity tray (in my family for years) holds several vintage Avon cat perfume bottles.  Two of them are mine from childhood, the others are antique store finds.  They all still hold the original perfume.
The one thing I pride myself on is finding textiles and home decor that coordinates well.  I dislike "matchy matchy" but I love when items that are distinctly different, look like they belong together.  This little rug has almost and identical print to the curtains, but with brighter colors.  I have had the two director chair frames for 25 years, but the brown pleather covers are new from Pier 1 Imports.   A little Dollar Tree straw hat with a Dollar Tree Summer scarf and the Target beach bag and scarf add a little usable decor.
And a place for my Nancy Drew pillow.
And another wicker storage chest by the doorway.  And this is why I changed from closet doors to curtains.  But I also like the softness the curtains create.
My favorite piece, my little tin Peanuts trash can from Woolworth.  I can't even remember how long I have had this, since very young childhood.  Cute on the front...
...cuter on the back.
Every time I watch House Hunters, I get frustrated when people say they want an antique or vintage home, then complain about things like no storage.  This is the simplest idea in the world and it not only solves the storage problem but makes a great space.
It can become a catch-all space for me sometimes and some days it can be a bit cluttered (like the luggage still out for now) but it keeps the rest of the house neat.  The first room I hit when I come in through the back door is the dressing room.  I drop my bags, kick off my shoes and everything is in one confined space.  In my opinion, even better than a mud room.

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