Sunday, August 2, 2015


My bathroom is a work in progress.  I recently had the tub replace by a shower and I am planning on changing the cabinet, the toilet and the sink.  But unfortunately I was not happy with the gentlemen that did the shower, so until I find someone new, who I am more comfortable with the rest will have to wait.

My home has only one bathroom, and for many people this many be a negative, but for me, since I live alone, this is fine.  But, since I live alone, I don't have to be concerned with any one's opinions, concerns or needs.  And, I have always been fiercely independent and unwavering in my decisions; so when I know what I want and make up my mind it can not be changed.  Whether others see that as a negative or a positive that is the way it is.  So, I knew what I wanted in my bathroom, but the re modelers felt they knew better, so long story short, the rest of my renovations with have to wait until Spring.

I am not unhappy with my bathroom, when it was remodeled by the previous owners in the 1960's it was done very well (and it is in great shape.)  And it works with the coastal theme I chose, but it is not my taste.  I have lived with it for a long time and only recently decided it was time for a change.  But, I didn't want a total gut; I like the wall and floor tiles.  So, I tried to think of a color that would complement.  I went with a robin's egg blue (aqua) and in a larger tile.  I have mosaic on the floor and 2x2 on the walls.  The new tile is a 4x4. 

I have always been lucky enough to find textiles the coordinate perfectly.  And my current choices are no different.  Although I do have shower doors for practical purposes, I prefer the softness of a shower curtain.

The wall tiles are an off white (2x2) and the floor tiles are a mosaic of a wine, taupe, sand and off white in a random patter.  Now by adding the aqua I hoped to find textiles that brought it all together and I think I did. 
The print may not scream coastal, but it has the feel of the sand and shore.  My favorite part of the bath is (of all things) my curtain rings.  And I could hardly believe the colors repeated again.
I am not a fan of valances, so when I am looking to combine a roller shade with a simple cover, I use a tier curtain.  I fell in love with this aqua sheer tier.  Using a tier adds a bit more interest.  And since my windows are so tall a valance would be much too short.
Like my stained glass I am lucky to have my obscure glass window in the bathroom, but for a little extra privacy when the window is open I added a dark wood matchstick blind.
I never choose standard bathroom rugs, but I do look for washable.  The rugs I chose have similar color pattern to the shower curtain but a contrasting pattern.  I thinks they look great against the mosaic.
I have a great size bathroom cabinet next to the shower and I provides more than enough storage, but I wanted to little more visible/decorative storage.  I found this bronzed finished metal space saver.
My goal is to remove the vanity replace it with a 1920 vintage style white wall hung sink with a double spoke faucet and I would like to add white wood spindle legs to replace the chrome legs.  For extra storage I will add a wicker trunk under the sink and there will be space for a thin cabinet next to the sink.  A vanity is unnecessary and takes up too much space.  I will also add glass front doors to the cabinet and paint the interior of the cabinet aqua.
I can't wait until next Spring to show it off!  But for now I live by the words I always say,


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