Monday, August 3, 2015


One of my favorite spaces is my little back porch.  It is not a huge space but it does a lot of work.  And, since I always use my rear entrance it is a much used space.

The banana leaf woven chair is from Target, it was in my living room but I moved it to the porch.  I paired with a red ottoman.  The little banana leaf woven trunk is from the Christmas Tree Shops and holds all my Winter gloves, mittens, scarves and hats.  I have a little lantern for some mood lighting and the "welcome" basket holds my flip flops.  I have the floor covered with a purple carpet tile and that is covered with a Capel Rug.

The pillows behind the "Beach" pillow are made from a favorite set of curtains.  I did not want to part with them, so my mother made pillows.  They are very lightly filled so the are soft and cushy.
She used the tulip print on one side and the Daisey and dahlia print on the other.  And the chair cushion is a chocolate ultra suede.
I repeated the tier use on the porch windows, along with the lighter wood matchstick blind.  The sheer tiers have a pattern with Plovers, sea shells and "found by the sea" in colors of aqua and sand.
And they have little shells and jewel beads across the bottom.
I had the coat closet built when I first moved and and immediately regretted it.  I thought I could have used the space for living space, but now I don't know how I could live with out it.
For lighting I have the original carriage light but I added the aqua feather lamp from JC Penney and the Barn Store swag lamp.
I fell in love with the idea of collecting vintage swizzle sticks after reading an article in Martha Stewart Living.  But where to show them off.  I had these corner selves for years and had no idea where to hang them.  So after I bought a couple of glass candle holders at The Dollar Tree it all came together.
And over the years I have purchased items that came in decorative tins, and the empty space above the closet seemed like a better place than any for them.
A little sand castle my sister brought home from Hawaii over 35 years ago, a little primitive table that holds a candy bowl for my dry cleaning and water delivery people and a wicker umbrella stand.
Although the porch is not insulated I can keep the kitchen door open all year.  In the Winter I just use a little heater. 
Like I said it is a very well used space.  And a perfect place to sit in the evening or early morning with a cup of tea.

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