Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Or as we call it in this house, the Cat Days of Summer.  But, so far we had one long week of hot, humid, sultry weather in July and August has come in mild, dry and comfortable.  Warm and sunny days end with clear and cool nights.  This is my type of Summer weather and it makes Summer meals more enjoyable.

We had one especially cool Friday evening with a some much needed rain; so I decided to make some flat bread pizzas.  One topped with Parmesan and Romano cheese and turkey peperoni and the other with Feta cheese and Kalamata olives.  I don't like placing pizzas directly on the rack, but I know the crust comes out better that way.  I do have a couple of pizza stones, but I prefer non-stick pizza pans.  I have two larger round pans, but for pita and flat bread pizzas I wanted something smaller.  I found these pans at the Dollar Tree, they were sold for outdoor grills, but they work perfect for smaller pizzas.

A single flat bread pizza fits perfectly and the holes allow for the heat to crisp the crust perfectly.
After 15 minutes they came out perfectly crispy, I slice the flat bread into strips.
One of my favorite Summer salads is similar to a Carbonara pasta.  Bow tie pasta with peas, prosciutto dressed with a creamy Parmesan dressing.  A perfect salad along side grilled chicken with warm, crusty rustic bread and a tall glass of sweet tea.
For desert, grilled butter pound cake smothered in Nutella with fresh strawberries.  I love Nutella but prefer it before it is refrigerated.  But, since it has to be refrigerated after opening I tend not to buy it often.  While grocery shopping earlier this month I found single serve sized Nutella.  I usually buy the single serve peanut butter for the same reason; it is a little more expensive but it is worth it.
I love quiche for the occasional Sunday morning breakfast.  And, it is perfect to have in the house for a lazy Sunday lunch or light dinner.  But, since I love eating quiche more than making it, I am thrilled our local supermarket chain makes a great heat and serve quiche.
A casual easy meal I usually save for Fall was perfect for another cool August night.
Steak and tomato sauce over rice.  I quickly fry some thin steaks until cook through then added the pureed tomatoes and cook to a light boil.  Simple as that.
I added a little salt and pepper to taste.
Served with long grain white rice and a crusty baguette.
Or in a wrap with a few pickles on the side.
When we went to the play in Stockbridge, MA last month we stopped at Catherine's Candy in Great Barrington and brought home her Berkshire chocolate covered salted Carmel nutty logs.  Sliced up along side a Shirley Temple for the perfect evening snack.
Made from scratch is always best, but sometimes cutting a corner once and a while is okay.  Delmonte has some great seasoned veggies.  Zucchini in spicy Italian tomatoes is great with pasta and grilled chicken.
Linguini or I chose a thick spaghetti.  While the spaghetti is boiling I heat the zucchini on the stove top to a light boil, so the vegetable stays crispy but still gets nice and hot.
After I drain the pasta, I layer the plate with the pasta first, then plate the chicken and then cover with the zucchini and sauce.
Perfectly simple easy Summer meals.

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