Sunday, August 9, 2015


Well, that isn't to say I don't participate in any crafting, but everything I do is pretty simple and easy to do.  I know knitting stitches, but can not really follow a pattern;, I have basic sewing skills and can put something together, and I have some drawing ability.  But, much of my creative endeavors are usually very "user friendly." 

I will not take credit for this idea; we saw this in an antique store and thought it was a fabulous idea.  A vendor booth with sewing related antiques had mason jars filled with vintage sewing notions.  She covered them in fabric squares and screwed the lid over the fabric and then tied it with a bow.  And, she was selling them for a pretty hefty price.  But, as soon as I saw it I fell in love with the idea and thought "hey I can do that!"  There are tons of old sewing notions in my Mother's collection, and there are mason jars in the basement, so why not give it a try.  With a bag of bobbins, threads, zippers, ribbons, buttons, needles, tools, thimbles, pins, taped measures and appliques I planned my attack.  I separated everything evenly and tried to color coordinate them.  Then I slowly layered the jars.  Until I had the enough it the jar, I needed a stick to help hold things up and separate things so they could be seen.  When I had a good amount in the jars, I started just dropping buttons in and let them flow through out the jar.

The jars I had did not have lids, but I used this great tissue paper, that has a vintage look to cover them.  I have had this paper for years and my supply is slowly dwindling.  I got it, at of all places, the Dollar Tree; but I didn't buy it.  When the Dollar Tree first opened not far from my home, they used this paper to wrap breakables.  My first reaction was just to throw it away, but then I looked at it and saw how pretty the paper was, so I started to save it.

The finished projects.
I loved the little "MOM" appliques, and since it is all Mom's stuff, I thought it was appropriate to have it right up front.
I had a bunch of sweet fleece baby blankets from the Dollar Tree, that I had purchased for the raffle baskets we make for our local animal welfare organizations.  Sometimes it is hard to find pet beds and blankets that will work in a basket.  But these little blankets are perfect, especially for kitties.  But, I had several still sitting in a bin that I had not used and I wanted to use them up.  So I picked up some Kitty toys and my Pet Sitter gave me some cat collars (I don't use cat collars, but some people do so I thought I would add them) and I coordinated them with the blankets to make little care packages.
I thought they could be given out when someone adopts a kitty.  I only had enough to make 8 but if people like them I can buy more blankets and toys and make a few more.
Each bag is filled with a blanket, collar and 5 toys.  The cello bags are from a package of bags I bought through Oriental Trading Co. and I tied them with paw print curling ribbon (from the Dollar Tree) and purple ribbon,  Purple is the color for the logo for the  Animal Protective Foundation ,
As I said I like to keep things simple and easy, and simple and easy can still be pretty and fun.
I love to have fresh flowers in the house and late Sunflowers are perfect for late Summer.  And they are usually very inexpensive and last quite awhile.  I found these french flower market buckets at the Yankee One Dollar (a local dollar store chain that recently closed due to retirement.)  I only bought 1 large one and 2 smalls, I should have bought more.  When I realized they held water fine, I went back and they were gone!  Ugh!  But they do look wonderful filled with flowers.

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