Sunday, September 20, 2015


After reading my first Halloween theme book a bit early, I am back on track with early Fall Reading
TOWN IS A SWEET PICKLE in number 6 in the  Candy Holliday Murder Mysteries by B.B. Haywood and is set in the early Fall season.

This series takes place in coastal Maine and is written by Beth and Robert Feeman.  In this installment Candy Holiday along with her nemesis and co-worker at the local News Paper, plan a town cook off to coincide with the paper's bicentennial.   
When Wanda heads over to the eccentric Sally Ann's house to pick up her pickles, she is surprised to see the coveted "famous" pickles from the long closed Sweet Pickle Deli.  Unable to resist, she decides to sample a pickle, but she has to fight off Cleopatra (one of Sally Ann's goats.)  When poor Cleopatra dies after eating the pickles and Wanda becomes ill, she assumes Sally Ann is up to no good.
Then another jar of pickles shows up at the cook off, where several local prominent citizens and a popular cook book author have gathered to judge the recipes on display.  This time when a local finds the jar and digs in, he suffers the same fate as Cleopatra.  In the mean time a woman from the neighboring town turns up at the hospital, yet another pickle victim.
Could the killer be Sally Ann or maybe Maurice Souffle (the hostile former owner of the Sweet Pickle Deli) or possibly an unknown stranger.  While the police are conducting their investigation, Candy looks into it herself to help clear Sally Ann.  And to make things more complicated Tristan Pruitt, a member of a wealthy family who keeps a Summer home in town, shows up to town with a blackmail letter his family received with a return address from Cape Willington.  And Tristan asks for Candy's help.  When Candy starts to investigate odd things start to happen along with a shadowy figure stalking her.  And in the end it will take the entire town to solve this murder.
The setting is wonderful and the characters diverse and colorful.  There are plenty of suspects and a lot of action.  And there are some deep seeded town mysteries that keep surfacing and connecting each of the books.  I do enjoy this series and look forward to reading it in the future.
Oh and the official Judicious F. P. Bosworth sightings for the first two weeks of September:
Visible: 2 days
Invisible: 12 days

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