Sunday, September 6, 2015


The day we celebrate, well, labor; or more like the American Worker; so I hope you don't have to labor tomorrow.  But for those that do, an even happier Labor Day.  And, since I am retired and in the immortal words of a family friend Dan M, "when you are retired every day is Saturday," I thought I would go one step further, "every day is Labor Day."

But for many people Labor Day is the unofficial end of Summer.  For me August 31 is the last day of Summer and September 1 is the first day of Autumn; and I can't wait to see some crisp Fall weather, pumpkins, falling leaves, and all the colors, tastes and smells of the season.  But just because Summer is "over" doesn't mean some traditional Summer treats go away. 

A few of my favorite cold sweet treats...

...I love waffle sundaes, the first time I had one was years (and years) ago at Friendly's  And it is one of my favorite treats.  A warm toasted waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate, whipped cream and sprinkles.  I am not a big fan of cherries but they look pretty.

Coke of root beer floats are another childhood favorite,  We used to have the at Woolworth's all the time, but this is possible the easiest ice cream treat around.  And the foam created by mixing the ice cream and the soda is my favorite part. 
Similar to the waffle sundae is a pound cake sundae.  I like to toast or grill the pound cake, and a few times I browned it in a frying pan with a little butter.  But there is nothing like the combination of the warm toasty bread and the cold slowly melting ice cream. 
And to be honest sometimes ice cream treats taste better on a cool day than a hot one, kind of like the first day the ice cream stands open in Spring, it can be chilly but it speaks of things to come.  In the Fall sitting out side under the falling leaves and eating a sweet treat, yum.

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