Friday, September 25, 2015


So today is a double feature for the Autumnal Equinox this past Wednesday, September 23.  First, the pumpkins.  Like I said it is never too early for pumpkins; and tho I will be decorating for Halloween this coming Monday, I like my fresh pumpkins out by Labor Day.  And since we went away the day after Labor Day, it was a mad dash to get my pumpkins.  I love how the pumpkins look blended with my Summer coastal decor, and it freshens things up a bit as the season slowly changes.  For now they are on the porch, but once I decorate I will move them around and spread them out to the front yard.

The Petunias and Geraniums on the stairs were getting a little weather worn just in time to fill my Jack-O-Lantern pots.  I keep the faces turned around until I put up Halloween Monday.  I chose the most brilliant purple this year.
The Terra Cotta pumpkins along with the Terra Cotta fish.
As the Spring and Summer flowers fade I mix in a few Mums, I love the orange of this full pot, and more pumpkins.
Another giant orange Mum to replace another wilted pot.  The watering can planters remain for now.  The flowers are actually planted in Terra Cotta Pots, so when I change the decor I can just pop the pot out of the planter.
Adding the pumpkins really makes it feel like Fall.
And gives the porch a fresh look.
The pots in front of the porch are holding up wonderfully well, I am so pleased.  And if the weather holds, this mix of hearty flowers could last right until Thanks Giving.  I will only loose them when the dirt in the pots freeze.
A beautiful Fall day.
Since Wednesday was the first official day of Fall, and the weather was better than perfect, we decided to head out for lunch.  But we decided to hit one Dollar Tree and The Christmas Tree Shop in Colonie first, hoping to find a few more things for Halloween.
But after the two quick stops we hopped over to Route 9 and headed north to Saratoga Lake for lunch at Dock Brown's at Brown's Beach in Stillwater.
Since the weather was perfect we chose to sit on the deck overlooking the beach and lake.
For lunch homemade Saratoga Chips.
Delicious French Onion Soup with thick cubed rye bread and sharp Swiss and tender white onions.
A juicy well done Dock's Burger with white cheddar, maple wood smoked bacon and tobacco onions; with a side of homemade mac. salad.  Dock Brown's mac. salad has a nice spicy bite to it.
And for desert...
Before we headed home we took a stroll by the lake.  Brown's Beach is a municipal property so the beach is now closed, but there is a large grassy lawn with benches and picnic tables on each side of the sandy beach.
But what a view.
The birds are happy they have the beach all to them selves.
Before we got home we stopped at Lake Side Farms in Balston Lake for a few cider donuts.  They make them all year, but they always taste better in Fall.
Cider Donuts
Pies and loaves
Homeward bound and a look a the loot from the Dollar Tree and the Christmas Tree Shop.
The perfect Fall day.

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