Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The new season of Center for Creative Retirement in the Continuing Education at Hudson Valley Community College has started.  And our first program in this Fall season was a program at Albany Pine Bush.

The program started at a nice time, 10:00 a.m. and went until noon.  The weather was lovely, sunny with a little breeze and not to warm.  We met at the Discovery Center and after a brief introduction we headed out on to one of the shorter trails.  And there was a nice turnout, 17 people.

Believe it or not this building was a Credit Union, but the building was given to the Pine Bush when SEFCU relocated their main branch to a much larger building.  There is no indication this was ever a financial institution after the renovations.  The old drive thru is on the right.
This was the drive thru and now an interactive play area.
I love the trees painted on the roof.
And the landscaping around the building has been allowed to go back the natural.
Out on the trail with one of the educators we were lucky to find the scientist out banding birds, unfortunately the nets had not caught anything while we were there, but the scientist provided us with some great information and answered questions. 
A couple of the nets.
We were guided down one of the trails that climbed one of the higher dunes with spectacular views.
An example of the Pitch Pines that grow in the sand dunes of the Pine Bush.
For some great pictures check out the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Facebook page.
Normally we like to add a nice lunch to our days, but since we knew this day would leave us a little dusty we opted to stay in the car and head to the Sonic Drive-In in Latham.
Luckily we got there just before the lunch rush and got a drive-in space.
we finished up lunch with a Coke Float and then headed home.  After getting home it was right into the shower to wash off the OFF and dust and settled in for the night.

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