Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Road trippin' on New York State Route 7; yes there is a much quicker way to head west into the Southern Tier of New York State to Binghmaton, but it is not as pretty and fun.  So even tho the mileage is almost exactly the same it does take about and hour and half longer.  But, what a great drive.  We start heading west on Route 7 right in Schenectady County and cross through Schoharie County.  Schohaire County is a favorite day trip destination-Cobleskill, Schohaire, Sharon Springs and Middle Grove-just to name a few.  But is is only a short drive into Cobleskill, so too soon to stop.

Next town Richmondville, New York and more pretty sites.
And many great antique stores.
And now on through Worcester, New York.  All these little towns have such a sense of community.  Local theaters, historic cemeteries and little mom and pop diners.
Off through Schenevus, New York and all along the way pretty churches, sprawling farms and little downtowns.
Our lunch stop is Oneonta, New York for Brooks BBQ.
And then Dairy Queen for desert before heading back down the highway.
We enjoyed homemade chicken chili, and the combo plate of their special chicken and ribs with homemade bread.
And more fantastic views as we drive on to Otego, New York and Unadilla, New York.  And along the way we pass many wonderful small Great American Supermarkets.
And even more wonderful sights.
Unadilla Drive-In
Sidney, New York and Bainbridge, New York next and Frog Pond Farm Market in Bainbridge.
Homemade donuts!
And of course we did this all again on the way home so, the donuts came home with us too.  As did more Brooks BBQ.  The donuts were perfect with cranberry tea.
Then off to Afton, New York for a stop at a fun 5 and 10 ct Store and another Great American. 
We picked up a couple of loaves of Monk's Bread
on the way home.
Nineveh, New York is next then finally Sanataria Springs, New York before Binghamton.  And then after a few days in Binghamton we turned around and headed on back east on Route 7 for one more look at all the beauty New York has to offer.


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