Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I love the Lucy Stone Mysteries by Leslie Meier, but I will admit I do not read every one.  I tend to choose the books with the holiday theme that interest me.  And of course she always offers a Halloween theme mystery,  This one is the CANDY CORN MURDER and it was just as much fun as the previous two.

This series is such a wonderful traditional mystery series and I have never been disappointed.  Every time I read another book in the series it is like visiting with a wonderful old friend.
Tinker's Cove, Maine is such a lovely setting and the characters are very real. 
The town has decided to create a week long Halloween celebration, with some fun themed events.  And Lucy's husband has decided to enter the pumpkin catapult competition.  But when Bill's pal turns up dead in the catapult's target car, he quickly becomes the prime suspect.  And Lucy has to get to sleuthing to clear his name.  And then there is the Country Cousin's Country Store, which seems to have a dark history and an even darker present.  Things just don't seem to be as they should.  The neat thing Leslie did in this story was to create some flashbacks to another dark incident in the quiet Tinker's Cove.  There seems to be plenty of suspects, but why would someone want to kill Evan and ruin the town's festival?
And what is in the lake that someone wants to keep "buried" enough that they would sabotage the equipment of the students from the college who are trying to set up and underwater pumpkin carving exhibition?
And why would some one want to murder PUMPKINS!  Because Ev is not the only victim in this story.  Someone is trying to off the pumpkin contestants for the pumpkin weigh-in.  Oh the humanity!
Leslie Meier always crafts a fun and clever traditional mystery with a great holiday theme.  We had a couple of wonderful warm Fall days and I took this book outside to the patio, started it one day and by the end of the next I had finished it.  A wonderful fun read that is hard to put down once I start.

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