Thursday, October 1, 2015


It's October!!! and my outdoor decorations are all done.  Inside will get tackled this weekend.  Generally my decorations are assembled the same each year, but with a few new additions or variations (I never see the reason to try and re invent the wheel.)  It is usually a long day, taking down the Summer/coastal decor and putting up the Halloween, but it is fun and I enjoy it.  I usually make a day of it and try to make it an event, not a chore.

My flowers are holding on pretty well.  I decided not to replace the front pots with Mums this year.  We had some heavy rain the last 24 hours so my flowers are a little bit strained, but they will perk up once the sun hits them.  And they just had a good does of MiracleGro the other day and I dead head them regularly.
And this year two fresh pumpkins in between the pots.
I placed some mini pumpkins along the porch ledge, but I am not sure how long they will last.  These little furry gray people with bushy tails seem to like them, so they swipe them.  But we shall see.
The glittery felt skulls are from the Dollar Tree.  The black felt filigree around the skull has pumpkins and says "BOO."
I finally turned my pots around and
I love my little Dollar Tree rats.
Surviving existing flowers are moved around and fresh new Mums are added to replace spent flowers.
The Petunias had to be pulled but the Marigolds are still healthy; to fill the empty space I used decorated foam pumpkins from the Dollar Tree.
A lot of yellow and orange this year.  I think I need to pick up a couple of purple Mums?  One white Mum hasn't opened up yet.
I set the white Mum in an old Trick-or-Treat bucket.
The Skulls from the Dollar Tree get moved around every year.
Garland around the door.
The back yard has been decorated too, of course, but after the rain a little more clean up will be needed.


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