Thursday, October 15, 2015


Spring and Summer I like to keep the yard as clean and tidy as I can; but as Fall wears on I don't mind when things get a little weather worn.  I call it controlled chaos, when the leaves on the flowers change and they start to look a little rough around the edges.  But, yet they look so pretty.  I keep things going as long as I can; but slowly remove the flowers that have "moved on."  My front yard usually stays pretty tidy, but the back gets that perfect controlled chaos look.

I moved this pot of Inpatients off the front porch to replace some flowers that had seen better days and this little pumpkin pail is a perfect greeting to my back yard. 

I had to pull some flowers out of the pot by the garage but the Marigolds are still healthy, I added a few artificial pumpkins to fill the blank space.  The hanging baskets will have to go by next week.
I  have had the scarecrows of the garage for ever, I would only replace them if I could find something that fits as perfect as they do.
Although I move some pots off the front porch to make way for Mums and fresh pumpkins, I will not pull them.  I just scatter them around the potting table.
Garland on the railing.  I like to leave some of my coastal decor out blended with the Halloween, like my little lobster planter.
Pipe cleaner pumpkins on the fence and ceramic pumpkins on the patio.
I added some foam pumpkins to the pots around the patio, so as I remove flowers there will still be some color.  The rustic Halloween stakes were a day trip find in Hoosic on our way to Bennington a few years ago.
A pumpkin pail as a planter and a little fresh pumpkin.
The little foam tombstones are from the Dollar Tree, I figured I would try them out and see how they hold.  We had some pretty hard rain and they seem to be doing well, not bad for a buck.  There is another in front of the other planting box.  And the sea shells remain as does my sea shell pail.
We are do for our first frost later this weekend so by next week some flowers may have to go to compost, but they have been in since late April, so not a bad life.  And Fall weather has been wonderful, so I am happy.

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