Friday, October 30, 2015


So Halloween is tomorrow, but the celebrating has been all month long; and last night we had our last spooky outing.  We headed to The Henry Hudson Planetarium at the Albany Heritage Visitor Center,
at Quackenbush Square   for Haunted Albany Tales: Story telling under the night sky of the Henry Hudson Planetarium.  It was a one hour multi-media program for adults, that included true ghost stories from the streets of Albany than up to the stars for stories from folklore and legends.

But first we headed for dinner, we chose The Olde English Pub & Pantry,
also in Quackenbush Square.  And in the Quackenbush House,
 considered the oldest house in Albany.
This beautiful building has been a French restaurant in the past, but has been a very authentic English pub since 2010.  Take a look at the beautiful interior.
The bar area just inside the front door.
The lower level dining area just past the bar.
And the upper level dining area.
And, although we sat inside, it was a beautiful warm Fall evening (thanks to the remnants from Hurricane Patricia and the warm Gulf air she dragged up) and the front patio was bustling.
Oh and yes this building is haunted!  But no ghost tonight, and I was able to enjoy my Ploughman's Toastie with oil and vinegar shoestring potatoes and a fresh brewed mint ice tea.
So after a wonderful evening of great food and spooky tales, we head home, because tomorrow is the Eve of Halloween (All Hollows Eve Eve, hmm?  Well you know what I mean.)
Oh no I have been BOOED!
Can you believe I don't already have a print copy of THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, and my two favorite Vampire movies; DRACULA  with Frank Langella.  Saw him in the role on Broadway and the big screen, and yes he is the perfect Dracula!  And SUNDOWN a very, very funny "sleeper" movie.
A pretty silk arrangement and a fresh one.
And now to get ready for tomorrow, it is going to be very warm (for the next 7 days too) so it will be busy!!  Schenectady is requesting Trick-or-Treating from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
75 treat filled bags.
A dozen "super" bags for the kids on the block and friends and family.
My famous Peep S'Mores!  For Halloween white ghost of course.
And some fun munchies all dressed up for the big day, pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels and Cracker Jacks, can you see his mask?
And I hate running out of treat bags when a kid who goes all out with her/his costume, so I always keep tons of non food "treats" for an extra special surprise.  And I can keep these year to year with out worry.
Oh, and although it has been very warm from September thru October, we did have our first hard freeze (right on schedule I am told) so I did loose all the Summer flowers.  But, my solution (just for the front yard) was to buy a 4 Mums and add some artificial pumpkins.  Luckily I was able to find red Mums still closed, so they will last thru Thanks Giving.  I quickly pulled out my poor frozen flowers and cleaned up and turned the pots then plopped in the new flowers.
And I used a variety of artificial pumpkins, some with sparkles, white, orange, and taupe resin in different shapes and sizes.
And although some Mums are starting to brown they still look pretty and healthy.
But Jack Frost didn't get all my Summer flowers, a Geranium with Petunias and the Marigolds survived.
The back yard flowers are all cleaned out, but the fallen leaves add beautiful color.
Bring on Halloween!


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