Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Another fabulous Autumn day!  It started off a little cool and cloudy this morning, but the sun quickly broke out and the day warmed up.  And we headed out for a fabulous local event!  And it was right in my back yard.  The Schenectady County Historical Society  offered a Stockade walking tour.

The Historic Stockade District  is a short 5 minute drive from my home, and although I pass through or stop down in the neighborhood, I can't tell you the last time I just walked around and got a real close look at the beautiful buildings.
We started out at the Historical Society (which is 110 years old this year) where we were given a brief tour of the exhibits.
Although the museum is full of exceptional exhibits, the one piece that held my attention was the
Liberty Flag.  And, the photo of the oldest living Revolutionary War Veteran who lived in his "Fort" in the village of Scotia, which is just across the Mohawk River from the City of Schenectady.  He lived to be 103 years old.
 The neighborhood was an actual Stockade in it's time but the fence is gone and the buildings have changed.  Schenectady was a Dutch colony and has many homes that reflect the Dutch heritage; but there are many styles, from British to Victorian to Federal style.
A few homes on Washington Avenue.
One on the many hitching post still standing all around the neighborhood.
Lawrence the Indian was a Mohawk Warrior who helped the Colonist after the Schenectady Massacre in 1690.  The statue which is the center piece of the neighborhood is not of his likeness, and we actually don't know exactly what he looked like.
The SCHS assistant curator led us threw the narrow streets of the neighborhood past beautiful home after beautiful home.
You can really see the variety of architectural styles.
This Dutch-Colonial is one of my favorites.
One of the more prominent homes in the Stockade is the Yates house, which is the oldest.
St. George's Church
We ended our tour at the reason this colony began the Mohawk River, and at Riverside Park.
We strolled along the river back to Washington Avenue.
A lovely day for a lovely walk around one of the historic neighborhoods in my city.
And I hope you enjoyed the brief tour too.

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