Sunday, October 11, 2015


My three favorite holidays Halloween, Independence Day and Thanks Giving; so it should be no surprise that I spend the entire month of October celebrating the day.  It is all about Halloween in this little bungalow. 

I an not going to say I don't like carving pumpkins, actually I don't mind digging into them to pull out the delicious seeds to roast.  But the only reason I don't carve many pumpkins, they just don't last long.  So maybe just before Halloween I may carve one, but I prefer other decorating options.  While at the Dollar Tree I found fun glittery foam decals and figured "why not?"

I only bought two, just to try them out.  I would like to buy more and save them for next year, but would they still stick?  Not sure, so maybe next year I will try something else.  But I would be lucky if they are available again next year.
So this guy turned out pretty good, so easy and quick and it seems to be sticking well.  And when Halloween is over I am sure they just peel right off.  For a different look I set this on stand and the skull is another Dollar Tree bargain.
The next one went just as well.  And this guy went out with my witch's broom, shoe and black kitty.
Another fun Halloween activity, a candlelight ghost walking tours.  We headed back to the Schenectady County Historical Society in the Stockade neighborhood, but this time in the evening.
They offered two tours one Colonial and one Victorian, we chose the Colonial at 7:00 p.m.
SCHS Library Blog has some stories from the tours.
Although it was very warm today, it rained all day; but the rain stopped just in time for the walks.  But, the streets were still wet and the wind was blowing the fallen leaves around, just right for ghost stories.  One of the stories we heard was about Alice Van der Veer.  Click on this link to read the story of poor Alice.
We headed to St George's Church on Church Street to see the face on the obelisk.
We strolled through Riverside Park along the Mohawk River to hear the story of the vanishing Indian, and we heard about the human remains found on Front Street that dated back to the 1690 massacre, the pacing foot steps in 4 S. Church Street and room 33 in the Stockade Inn and many more.
Of course no fun evening would be complete with out a good meal.  And the city of Schenectady has no shortage of great restaurants, but on warm Autumn Friday night we had to choose carefully.  We decided something quick and easy and go the diner route.  I chose a grilled chicken and sausage quesadilla with a side of wild long grain rice.  The portion was huge so half came home with me.  We headed home and settled in with some delicious apple cider over ice and I couldn't help my self I had to dig into the leftovers.
And it was definitely a night for iced apple cider, since it was still in the 60's.
This is a quesadilla combination I have never made, but will.  Grilled chicken, crumbled sausage, peppers, onions and cheese.  There is just something about left overs and after heating it up a bit, it was just as good as it was in the diner.
I love Boos!  I first heard about this (maybe) 10 years ago?  And when I did an Internet search it seemed to be a very suburban neighborhood/child friendly thing.  But, I strongly believe anything can be "adultified" and be just a good if not better.  I have heard it has grown bigger in the work place as well.  And I think adult Booing can be much more elaborate and fun.
This year I decided to dress up a pumpkin and throw in a sweet metal cat.  The sticker set I used on the pumpkin has moon and star shapes and the kitty also has moon and star shapes punched into the body.  Perfect match.  I tied a wire bow on the pumpkin stem for a title more texture.
A basic brown paper handled bag with the Boo poem and window sign, a little tissue and a bow to match the pumpkin.
 No all that is left is to quietly leave it on at the front door and sneak away with out being seen.  Then wait for the victim to return home to find the treat.

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