Friday, November 6, 2015


YIKES!  It has been a busy week since Halloween last Saturday.  Monday was spent taking down and packing away the outside and the inside Halloween decorations; then putting up both outside and inside Thanks Giving Day decorations.  Tuesday was spent completing some more Fall (clean up) yard work; and did I mention we were in an incredible nearly 2 week Indian Summer?  So after the yard work I decided to sit outside on the patio for the rest of the afternoon and finish my last Halloween theme book, THE GHOST AND MRS FLETCHER.  Wednesday was a mass of appointments, errands and household cleaning chores.  Then we took a quick overnight Thursday into Friday at Saratoga Lake.  But all that is yet to be posted.  Right now Donald and Renee Paley-Bain's newest Murder She Wrote mystery.

I can never say it enough, I love this series.  I love the television series and this (book) series is just as good, if not better.  I have written before, I was very skeptical to read this series, because how could it live up to the show?  But, it does and honestly I really think it is better.  Much of that could be due to the limitations of a television production versus the written word; but the books are a whole lot of fun.
I always say I find my self hearing the actors voices in my head as I read the dialog and because I have such a knowledge of the characters it is easier (for me) to see the story more vividly.  Set in Cabot Cove, a local gentleman who owns one of  the town's oldest homes, the Spencer Percy House, is taken ill and passes away; Seth believes it was not natural and convinces Mort it was a homicide.  Well of course Jessica is right in the middle.  Before dying this slightly eccentric widower, Cliff,  asks Jess to help him create a will and his last wish is to sell his sprawling and aging home so his "free-wheeling" grandson will not feel burdened with it.  Among other things the house is full of books and Eve Simpson wants them gone so she can fix up the house and sell it.  Of course, so the grandson can get his rightful inheritance, but Eve's large commission is at stake too.  Jessica convinces Eve to let her box up the books to sell as a fundraiser for the library and now she and a few helpful volunteers find them selves inside a house that is haunted.  Oh did I forget to mention that?  Well Eve decides a wacky medium should come in and cleanse the house to free the spirits, because who wants a haunted house?  Add together a creepy handyman, a mysterious missing son and daughter-in-law, a wayward grandson, spinster sisters, a threatening nurses and the possibility of some very valuable books and you have quite a mystery.
Whether the house is haunted or not, whether Cliff was murdered, what actually happened to his son and daughter-in-law and the whereabouts of his grandson are all piled on Jessica's plate.  Oh and don't forget all the books!
Of course you know she figures it all out, as well she should.
This series is always smart, well written and well crafted.  It is always such a joy to read a Murder She Wrote book.  And throw in the possibility of a ghost or two, what more can you need? 

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