Saturday, November 7, 2015


As I mentioned in the last book report, this has been a busy week, and part of that was due to a quick impromptu overnight getaway.  I love to travel and living in the Northeast makes that quite easy; but there is also really no reason to leave the greater Capital Region to enjoy a quick getaway.  Brown's Beach was a much loved recreation spot on Saratoga Lake.  A few years ago the land was purchased by a developer, but the land remained untouched for over 7 years.  Thanks to a large donation by Global Foundries Chip Fab and a few grants, the town of Stillwater as able to buy the land back and turn it into a public space.  The town and village run the beach and park, the Panza Group LLC (a local family owned and run hospitality company) took over operations of the old hotel and restaurant and a local Marina company will be offering a full service marina next Spring.

We go to Dock Brown's Lakeside Tavern   for lunch regularly, but we really wanted to spend the night in the inn since it started excepting guest late last year.  I also mentioned in the last book report, we are having an incredible Indian Summer right now, so why not take a quick drive north for the night. 

Before we headed to the lake we stopped at Lindsey's Country Store  for some apple cider and apple cider donuts, and I picked up a couple of ears of beautiful Indian Corn.

We started with a picnic lunch on the other side of the lake in Saratoga Springs in Waterfront Park.  We stopped and picked up some St Louis style ribs, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and some sweet tea then headed to the lake with picnic basket in tow.

I love this basket, it is so roomy but it had tacky plain plastic cups and plates; but I had a wonderful melamine set I found years ago at BigLots, I added a vintage (and surprisingly a perfect match) table cloth, some checked napkins and I ended up with a great set.

No one can tell the dining set did not come with the basket.  The flatware was the original that came with the basket and the colors are all an exact match.
We headed straight to our regular table on the north side of the park under a big old tree right along the edge of the lake.  Since it was a bit breezy and leaves were falling we didn't want to lay out all the food.
Oh, and on our last trip to the park, we saw two men in rubber wading suits hunting for something in the lake, I wondered what they were doing.  Well surprise, they were there again Thursday; so when they came out of the water to clean up we asked.  Believe it or not they were medal detecting!  Unfortunately we never had any pirates in Saratoga Lake, so all they can hope to find is what boaters loose over the sides.  But they told us they had pretty good day and found some great coins. 
Although there were a lot of clouds it was WARM, around 68 degrees.  This is looking south...
...this is looking north.
After lunch we headed north to drive around the lake, Brown's Beach is at the south end.
County Route 9P follows the coast of the lake.
We checked into The Nest.
The Nest is connected to Dock Brown's and both are run by Panza family members.
There are 7 distinctly decorated rooms, two on the ground floor, 5 upstairs.  We took two lake side rooms upstairs.  I picked the Owl's Den.
The view of the lake out my window.  And since the beach is closed for the season, it was nice and quiet.
That is Snake Hill on the right.
Our other room was The Lady of the Lake.
At one end of the hallway is window looking out at the park and the other a wonderfully well appointed and stocked refreshment area.
Before dinner we relaxed in the room and I caught the sunset out of my window.  The day started very sunny, but slowly clouded up, but just in time for sunset the clouds started to break apart.
For dinner (instead of Dock Brown's) we headed across the street to Panza's Restaurant.
They are celebrating 75 years at this location on Saratoga Lake and are only open for dinner this time of year.  So since we were just across the street we figured it was the perfect choice.
I enjoyed my favorite dish Chicken Saltimbocca.
After a late dinner we ran up to the room to grab the cider and donuts and took them back out to the lake and enjoyed them under the moonlight.
After a good night's sleep we awoke to another warm day and the beautiful morning sun over the lake with a visit from a majestic Hawk.
After leaving the inn we headed up the road to one of our favorite diners, the Malta Diner,  for breakfast and then it was off for home.
Although I have a wonderful pet sitter to take excellent care of my girls, and it is wonderful to get away I love coming home to them.  I was greeted at the door by two purring fur balls; so after cleaning up and putting everything away, I settled in for a cozy night with my fur kids.



  1. Saratoga Lake looks absolutely wonderful!! I love beach resorts in the off season, they are charming and quiet--the perfect place to relax. Lovely photos!

  2. Saratoga Lake is wonderful and we have so many lakes in the Capital Region to enjoy. The funniest thing is you feel like you are in a resort town, but you are just in a neighborhood!! Saratoga is just a few minutes north of Albany and the homes are just "regualar" (year round) homes. Most of our lakes are like that here, but we always say, it feels like we are on vacation when we go to the lakes. A couple of "real" resort type lakes are Lake George, Lake Placid/Mirror Lake and Lake Champlain. And they are the lakes that get the most tourist. So it is nice to have the little gems the visitors don't know about!