Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I spent all day last Monday, November 2nd, stowing away all the Halloween decorations; both inside and out; and putting up Thanks Giving.  And because the weather has been so mild I still have all the Mums on my front porch to add even more holiday color.  But, because of the warm weather it took a little longer for the leaves on my cherry tree to turn.  The colors of the leaves are especially bright this year and they almost seem to be in a "ombre" pattern.  This photo is from last week just before the wind knocked most of the leaves off.

After a few days of wind this is all that is left, but it still looks festive.
I showed this before but I think it is worth mentioning again, it is such an easy option.
Just before Halloween we had a killing frost and I didn't cover the flowers in the front, but I was lucky to find some Mums that had not opened yet and they were very healthy, and they were well worth it for $20.00.  I didn't want to go through Halloween and Thanks Giving with the front pots unfilled, so I pulled the Summer flowers, planted the Mums and added the artificial pumpkins.  This was a great choice for me, I really like how it looks.
And live pumpkins in between.
The Mums on the stairs are browning but still look pretty and I decided to keep the faces on the pots turned out.  I added a little turkey and "welcome" pumpkin.
I love having Mums right up until the end of November, hopefully they all hang on.  A few more live pumpkins and another little turkey.
The artificial carved pumpkins are all from the Christmas Tree Shops.
My favorite is the Don Featherstone blow mold turkey.  I bought this 20 years ago and had not used it for several years.  I have no idea why!!!  But last year I put it back out and I just love it.
I love having a different doormat for every holiday, and I change doormats for all 3 exterior doors.  The back doors always have matching doormats.
Along with a pot of Marigolds in front of the center window, the Petunias and Geraniums are holding on.  And another turkey on the table, because you can't have too many turkeys.  And lots and lots of pumpkins.
Turkey windsocks, a turkey birdhouse and one more turkey lawn sign under the tree finish it up.
The grass is so green thanks to the warm temps. and rain, I had to cut it again this morning.

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