Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Over the years I have been able to find some great Thanks Giving Day decorations; but it was not easy.  When I first bought my home 20 years ago, I had very little for the day, but it seems lately there has been more and more available.  And that is a great thing!  Because Thanks Giving Day is one of my top three favorite holidays, and I am so happy I can enjoy the spirit all month.

A few turkeys in the front entry, and one turkey is dressed up in sparkles.  I don't know but there is something about sparkles.  I always seem to find great candle holders, but I don't burn candles, so I choose to fill the space with something else, here a little paper mache pumpkin.

I love my pillows and on the club chair a little plush turkey.  The pumpkins in front of the stained glass window are new from the Christmas Tree Shops, as is the tall Pilgrim girl.
The t.v. console gets a bunch of pumpkins and another Pilgrim girl.  The turkey is new from the Home Depot, I went in for batteries and came out with a new turkey, that is a good day.
Indians on the colonnades are from a BigLots in Utica, they were a find on the way home from Syracuse, I love them.
The dinning room always gets the most attention, the large Pilgrims are from Price Chopper, leaf (Christmas tree) ornaments hang from the chandelier.  And the glittery turkey is from the Dollar Tree, I am sorry I didn't buy more!  They slip together and come apart to fold flat again, I was not sure how good it would be, but it is really cute for a dollar.
A little more glitter on the side board, all from the Christmas Tree Shops, one of my favorite turkeys on top of the cabinet and more pumpkins scattered about.
Adding little pumpkins everywhere is the easiest thing, they all from different sets of bowl fillers.
Another plush turkey on the storage ottoman in the corner.
Pumpkins all around the bedrooms
and bathroom, with two little Pilgrims.  The glass pumpkins are from sets of tea light holders from the Dollar Tree, I bought three packs of 2 and they are perfect little decorations standing up.
In the dressing room, the turkey planter was from a supermarket and held a plant, after the plant faded I added a bit of foam and found some cute silk flowers and filled it up.
The larger Pilgrims in the kitchen match the small set in the bath, the larger pair are from a trip to Plymouth, MA; they were my first substantial find many years ago.
A little more "bling" and both kitchen widows have a little set of wood pumpkins just peeking over the cafe curtain.
On the shelf over the radiator I have a resin turkey, I have a bunch of these turkeys from the Dollar Tree all around the house.  They were the very first things I bought years ago, I bought so many because I really had nothing else at the time.  But I still love them.  And a set of pumpkin candles.
The metal turkey is from the Christmas Tree Shops and the little turkey with the long legs is from the Dollar Tree, it was the only one on the shelf, I couldn't leave him.
The back porch.
More candle holders, one with a pine cone, one with a pumpkin.  And a bowl of left over Halloween candy is a must!  I said it last year, I love the nostalgia of it.

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