Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Well, the extended Thanks Giving Day weekend is over.  Sunday night was the last of the leftovers, I added the turkey (diced) to soup.  I made a turkey vegetable soup and a turkey barley soup.  I saved the barley soup for Monday's lunch.  I put up the Winter holiday decorations Monday, and I wanted a hot hearty lunch to keep me moving.

The turkey veggie soup is in a vegetable base broth; filled with carrots, string beans, tomatoes and celery.  The turkey barley soup is in a vegetable and tomato base broth with carrots, corn, tomatoes and green beans.  And in both soups full of juicy turkey.

                                                        Turkey and veggie.

Turkey, veggie, barley.
And for a sweet treat, apple cider and milk chocolate pumpkin pie truffles.
On to the outside decorations. 
My one frustration with my out door decor is the color of the pre-lit garland.  I have a darker green garland above the door and windows, the window wreaths and the entry trees.  But I have not been able to find the right color match in the pre-lit for the railing.  From a distance it does not appear to be miss matched, but close up it is noticeable.  Many years ago I did have a set of pre-lit in the darker hue, but my search for the right color continues.
My Target Santa Claus bird feeder under the tree.
Two Dollar Tree Cardinals in the birdbath and my little metal Christmas Tree Shop snowman hanging underneath.
Poinsettias in clay pots on the stairs.
My pumpkins will never go in the trash until they turn soft.  And, I love to use them with my Winter decorations.  And as long as the weather stays mild, the pumpkins will stay healthy.  Later in January I will cut them open and spread them around the back yard so the critters can get to the seeds.
My favorite piece, the clay Santa Claus candle chiminea from Michael's.  More Poinsettias and pumpkins.  The black top hat planter is from Michael's too.
My hanging Poinsettia pot from AC Moore and my Santa wind sock.
 This year I tried something a bit different.  The backyard and back patio furniture was put a way just before Thanks Giving Day; but my front porch wicker stays out until after Thanks Giving.  Although I don't mind putting away the back furniture, my house always feels naked with out my wicker.  But, since it is real wicker and a bit older, I could never leave it out for the Winter.  The snow would destroy it. 
Over the years I have accumulated a lot of out door furniture.  When ever I buy new furniture to replace worn furniture, I save any piece that is still in good shape.  Occasionally I use them else where, but otherwise I keep it stored in the basement.
So, I pulled up a teak Adirondack chair and two matching teak folding chairs and with a few pillows; placed them on the front porch.
And since they are calling for a "milder" Winter, I will enjoy being able to use my front porch.  The teak and the pillows help to tone down the color as well.  The grape vine Santa is another Micheal's find.  I have had it for years, but it doesn't always make the front porch.
And to make sure every corner is covered, another Poinsettia and Poinsettia garland on the hand rail.

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