Thursday, January 7, 2016


A bright sunny and pretty warm January day, we got up into the 40's; and that little bit of sleet we received from Mother Nature last week is almost gone; so we headed out to The Albany Institute of History and Art  to see the Capital Region in 50 Objects
This exhibit is just a small collection of artifacts the tell the story of the wonderful Capital Region of New York State; Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer and Saratoga Counties.

The Albany Institute founded in 1791.  Remember to click on the photos to see them a bit larger.

The exhibit is on the third floor in the rear gallery.
And "object" number 1, right in the entrance to the gallery is Nipper!
And, here is how Nipper looks in "real life" in the warehouse district of Albany.
Our beloved Nipper has been lovingly cared for.  He is definitely my favorite.
The second "object" inside the exhibit room is a ticket booth from Hoffman's Play Land, which has been relocated and now known as Huck Finn's Play Land.
And like Nipper, the saving of the Play Land proves the love residents in our region have for our home.
Next we have the Albany Tulip Festival  that honors our Dutch heritage; the Erie Canal; and
Freihofers Bakery,   the makers of the best chocolate cookies on the planet, they have been in Albany since 1913.
Many of the "objects" show our place in the history of this nation, we hold a larger part than many people think.
and this is the last flag in existence,  It is on loan from the Grafton Community Library.
The Witenagemot Oak Peace Tree,  is still alive and well on the grounds of the Knickerbocker Mansion.  And it is wonderful to sit beneath on a hot day.
We built trains and had great steam ships traveling our majestic rivers.  And then there is the  famous WGY radio station.  still broadcasting to this day.  I have a great copy of a photo of Amelia Earhart speaking into a WGY microphone during an interview hanging in my guest room.
And industry has always been and still is alive and well in the Greater Capital Region.
General Electric, Thomas Edison's electric motor plant.  And, yes the plant is till going strong.
Troy Built, a well respected brand.  Arrow Collars.   and other textile makers.
And some industry is a bit more quirky, like billiard balls;  and the first rolled, perforated toilette paper.
We have many, many, many notable residents, but remember it is just 50 objects, so they picked just a few.  Number 1 has to be Uncle Sam.
There is no lack of great food and drink in the Greater Capital Region and it is definitely in our DNA.
World renowned Saratoga Water,   being just one.
We also have our land marks, many still standing strong but some are now sadly gone.  Like the Iron Works Wheel in Troy.
And the Rapp Road Community.  Although some of the larger homes are still standing and are lovely homes today.  But the smaller shanties are no longer.  But they were still around until not long ago.
A couple of my favorite "objects" The Empire State Art Collection,  which is owed to my favorite Governor, Nelson Rockefeller.
And the first Christmas Card.
And we also have strong military presence, such as the Watervliet Arsenal;
There are just a few "objects" omitted from this post, but that does not diminish them.  I love the Capital Region, it is a wonderful place to have been born and to live!

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