Thursday, January 21, 2016


A new exhibit opened in the East Gallery of the NYS Capital, honoring the accomplishments of one of our great Governors and (later) a great President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
FDR, whose 134th birthday is January 30th, was our 44th Governor (1929 to 1932) and our 32nd President (1932 to 1945.)

So off to the NYS Capital Building.  (This is the link to the visitor center's Facebook page, take a look, some great pictures of this fantastic building.)

The items in the exhibit are on loan from the FDR Presidential Library and Museum,    in Hyde Park, New York. 
This is the painting of Governor Roosevelt that hangs in the Hall of Governors on the second floor of the NYS Capital. 

FDR suffered from polio while serving as Governor and this is the wheel chair he used while in the mansion. 
And you can use this link to explore the mansion.  Although the majority of our Governors lived in the home our current one does not see fit to.
On to the exhibit.
Just a small collection of some of FDR's accomplishments.
One of my favorite of his accomplishments is the conservation of the environment and resources.
A map of the ever expanding Adirondack Park that has benefited from this conservation, not unlike are other state parks.
And thanks to the advocacy of Eleanor Roosevelt  NYS created the first public university system that is now SUNY.  She did not attend college and regretted that her entire life.  She felt higher education was important to longer term success.
The photo on the lover right is of Governors Carey and Rockefeller.
On a side note, there is a fun mystery series featuring Eleanor Roosevelt as the sleuth.
The Eleanor Roosevelt Mysteries are "authored" by Elliott Roosevelt, but were actually researched and penned by William Harrington.  I have read a few of them and they are quite fun.  They take place during her time as First Lady.

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