Saturday, January 16, 2016


The kitchen, is still as close the original kitchen that I found when I bought my home 21 years ago.  There are a few small things I would like to do to the kitchen, but a major modernization is not in the plan.  I see no reason to update my kitchen, it worked when the house was built in the early 1920's and it still works today.  I don't have much counter space, but it is an eat in kitchen, with ample room for a good size table; and in the past that is where much of the food preparation would have happened.  I also have a generous size walk in pantry to hold the counter top appliances and offer a little more pep-space. 

This tile top table is over 25 years old and although I have seen other kitchen tables I like, I have no plans to replacing it.  I have not come across any really nice tile topped tables and I really like the durability and easy clean up of the tile.  The American flag quilt on the table is hand made and I found it at a little store several years ago while up in The Forks, Maine for white water rafting.

I mentioned in the past I like to change all the textiles in the house every 5 years; I currently decided to go with a large black and white gingham.  I had a great toile and gingham combination last.  I also prefer a full treatment over a traditional "kitchen" style set.  And sisal roller shades similar to the bedrooms to keep out the hot sun in the Summer.
I still have the cast iron apron sink and I used cafe curtains for the skirt.  I added the oak cabinets and I  had them built to match the built-in in the hallway.
A spice cabinet holds cook books, teas and cleaning supplies.  And I also added the simple shelves above the sink and the stove.
Next to the refrigerator I added a cabinet to work as a home office area.
I don't have a radiator cover for the kitchen so I just added another simple shelf for a bit more space.
I always wanted a tin ceiling in the kitchen but decided on a simpler option; I had the ceiling papered with a paintable textured wall paper and painted in with a glossy paint. 
And another change was to remove the small old light fixture and replaced it with a stained glass Hunter ceiling fan.
And on the floor I decided to go with a retro style vinyl.  This house did not have hardwood in the kitchen when it was built, it had linoleum.  I had thought about removing everything down to the wood, but I liked the idea of the vintage vinyl that coordinates with the white tile wainscoting.
The built-in in the hallway is painted a glossy white inside.
And on the opposite walls I have some of my favorite pictures.  The top is an Amish girl holding a cat, I found it in Lancaster, PA; the middle is from Salem, MA and is of the memorial to those who lost there lives in the Salem witch hysteria; and the lower one is called "The Thing in Mr. King's Bird Bath."
And on the other wall is a print from Martha's Vineyard of the Black Dog.
It may not be for everyone, but I love my simple country kitchen.

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