Saturday, February 13, 2016


Just a quick peek this year at the exterior Valentine's Day decorations for 2016.  There has been a lot going on this month, and I hate to keep repeating the same post over and over again.  Although I try to change up the decorations a bit year to year; there is really only so much that can be done.

Still no major measurable snow here in the NYS Capital District, but who's complaining (?) not me!  As a matter of fact, on Ground Hog Day, I was able to get out and rake the grass and sweep the side walk.  It was wonderful!!!  I got out to the YMCA early that morning, came home had a quick breakfast and got right outside.  I only got to the front yard, but I was thrilled to clean things up a bit.  I even fired up the small leaf blower I have to blow the dust off the front porch. 

As always my favorite wreath on the front door.  I bought this a K-Mart years ago and try to keep it protected when it is stored.  I just love it, I have seen others I like, but I love the size of this one.  Some of the others to just too small.

It was just a bit breezy this day.  The  same garland around the door, I am still looking for something a bit fuller, but I haven't found the right thing yet.  This garland is actually pretty close up, it just doesn't photograph well.  It has jeweled hearts with red tinsel and red satin bows.
As I mentioned around Christmas time, I always hated taking the wicker off the porch and leaving the porch so empty.  And since this Winter is so mild, I wanted to still use the front porch, so I dug out some extra furniture from the basement and the pillows to fill things up.  And since the weather is holding, the furniture stays.  All of it is folding, so if we do get a larger storm and they may be in the way, it will be easy to take in.
Wind socks and garland on the railing.
Poinsettias and pumpkins remain until St. Pat's day goes up.
And even tho the grass isn't quite green anymore, I still prefer it to snow.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the snow, but last Winter was brutal, and this break is well deserved.  And, yes, I know Winter is far from over, but the days are noticeably longer and the average high temps are raising.  And March 1 is just around the corner.
I hope everyone has a very happy Valentine's Day.

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