Thursday, March 24, 2016


The 6th Annual Capital Region CANstruction at the NYS Museum in Albany.

This years theme for the Food Bank of the Greater Capital Region fundraiser is play.  And along with the foods donated by Price Chopper, the event asks everyone to bring in 10 non-perishable foods to use to vote for their favorite structure.  And the amount of foods in the bins will determine this years winner.
There are definitely some really great structures this year.  My favorites are Whack-a-Mole; the moles are the plastic bear jars filled with crackers; and they really pop up and down...

...Mouse Trap...
...and the skeeball machine.
I mean, it even has the little prize tickets spitting out!
But, you also have to love the amusement park.  With carnival music playing and the Ferris wheel (which by the way was designed by George Washington Gale Ferris who went to school at our RPI in Troy) turning. 
Popcorn style jellybean boxes!!
And like every year, our RPI students never disappoint, their entry is a tropical island sand castle.
The other entries..

Price Chopper employees built a bowling structure.
Monopoly and Building Blocks.
And Trains.  I love they covered the donations cans to look like soup cans this year.
After the exhibit we headed to The Old English Pub & Pantry
for lunch.
For lunch, Irish beef, cheddar and stout stew and the Ploughman's Toastie.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My heart is broken yet again.  Such sadness.
We stand in solidarity.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Well it is that time of year again, for the Capital District Garden and Flower Show to support the Wildwood Programs of New York.  This is the 29th year for this great event, and it is amazing to see the amount of creativity never disappoints.

This years exhibits in the lobby of the HVCC Sports Arena were exceptional.
A very unique class this year, dresses; called The Garment District.
Off to the side was a class called Wine Tastings.
Next past the Wine Tasting was a class of Masks, Masquerade Ball,  just amazing what can be done with flowers and plants.
Next onto Fantasy Flowers and Hand Picked which incorporated fruits and veggies.
Off in the middle were the Tuscan Tables.
Then a class called Pipe Dreams.
My favorite class this year Heroes Among Us.
Captain America.
My favorite Super Hero, BATMAN!!!
This was a cute class, What Would Martha Do, arrangements in unusual pots.
After a quick walk through the Market Place, it was into the Gardens Exhibit.  To check out the construction of the gardens check out this link to the CDGFS Facebook Page.
My favorite Garden Exhibit, "Imagine Reality."
And my other favorite the sand sculpture.
After the show we headed north to the little city of Cohoes,  for lunch at Smith's of Cohoes.
A peek inside this historic tavern.
The bar.
The dining room.
Just a few more reasons to love the NYS Capital Region!