Monday, March 14, 2016


Okay, I am a bit of a geek about some things (I guess?)  As I mentioned once before, I am not a huge STAR WARS fan, but I did like the original trilogy and I LOVE Darth Vader.  I did not, nor will I ever watch the new "disneyfied" version of Star Wars.  But, thanks to that Disney machine (as it is) there is a whole new merchandising campaign.  I was a teen when the first movies hit and much of the merchandising was geared to kids; but now there is a whole new emphasis on adult products as well.  And, I guess that is a good thing, because I was able to find these.

And, what makes these the best, I love Vans.  The funny thing is Vans and I are the same age, and I loved them as a kid.  So comfortable and I can take my boy with me when I go out.

Then I found these Skechers, and of course I had to have them too.  You can never have enough Vader.
And let us not forget the flip flops.
But, I think my favorite are the earrings.  I know geek!
Someone else I have loved since childhood, Edward Gorey.
I would watch Mystery on PBS just to the see the Edward Gorey opening sequence.  So, I do collect Edward Gorey books.  I found this unique shuffled story, THE HELPLESS DOORKNOB.
It is a set of 20 cards with Edward Gorey illustrations and words that can be put together is a multitude of ways.
Then there is Edgar Allen Poe.  I was thrilled when I was walking through Barnes & Noble and saw this wonderful collection they printed.  It is his complete works of tales and poems.  Leather bound and a nice quality paper stock.
Then I had heard about this book, and it took me some time to find it and it was worth the hunt.
AMERICAN WRITERS AT HOME.  It is a wonderful coffee table book with a pretty unique look at some of the greatest American writers.
The photos are incredible and some interesting facts about the writers' lives.

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