Tuesday, May 24, 2016


A look back a two very memorable trips.  I should have said, two memorable fishing trips.  So, I went out, two years in a row, for some deep sea fishing with the boys.  Both years we went out off the coast of Maine.  The trips were perfect, except, we had to drive from Schenectady to Wellesley, MA then on to Maine.  What was the problem you ask?  Well the answer is, two of us wanted to leave the night before and the rest of us wanted to leave at 1:00 a.m..  We left at 1:00 a.m.  Why Darren and I just didn't go the night before, I don't have an answer. 

Two car loads of eager fishermen, all packed up for two days on the Atlantic Ocean, we headed out to pick up the boats and the rest of the crew in Wellesley then off to Maine.  The crew consisted of Darren, Tom, John, Kevin, Bill, Dan, Bob, Skipper, Scott, Ryan and me.  And, thanks to me, we all ate good on both trips.  Prior trips, well the catering attempts were less than appetizing.  AND, I was the only one to ever bring a camera to document the catches.  And after all the pictures were developed and passed out the question I kept hearing, so why didn't anyone ever think to bring a camera?

Skipper's two boats are the AndyO and the AndyO II, which we only had out on the second trip.  On the first trip the second boat was Scott's. 

Trip 1:  the skies look a bit ominous, but the weather was quit pleasant.  Tom reeling something in.

Skipper and his catch.
Nice picture of Scott.
Kevin being charming as always, with Scott, Ryan and Tom.
All I wanted to do was sit back and enjoy the show, but Bill was determined I had to catch something.  He actually did all the work and then handed me the fish.
The weirdest part about this trip was the Coast Guard that kept hanging around us.  We still have not a clue why?  But, we were pretty far away from the coast, no land in site, so it was a bit comforting to know they were out there.
The sun was a bit brighter on the second day of the first trip.  The boys pulling one in.
The second trip.  Loading up the AndyO.
The AndyO heading out first.
The weather for the next year was much better, it was actually amazing.  It was a bit cool, but it is much better to have it cool when you are on a small boat under a hot sun with a lot of fish.
Dan and his catch.
This time Dan was determined I catch something.
Darren getting some sun.
Meanwhile over on the AndyO.
Second day out.
Darren with his catch.
This one made Bill work for it.
Bringing out the net.
This is what two days on a boat out in the middle of the Atlantic looks like, ugh!
Back on solid ground, and pulling the boats out. 
The AndoO II in the front and the AndyO behind.
The fish.
Wonderful trips with an amazing group of guys, creating great memories.



Sunday, May 22, 2016


Another beautiful late Spring day to spend out in another city just south of the Capital Region.  Like Woodstock, just 6o miles south on Route 9W is Kingston, you can take the NYS Thruway, but 9W is a much nicer drive, and only takes a few minutes longer.  Kingston was the first Capital of New York State in 1777, but was burned by the British in October 1777.  Today, Kingston boast many historic neighborhoods that are on the State and National Registry.  And they have quite a collection of stone houses in the Stockade District.  So the Brits didn't get everything!!!

The Olde Dutch Church on the corner of Wall and Main Street. 

The Church Yard.

The Senate House constructed in 1676.
A lovely walkable shopping district is also part of the Stockade and has unique canopied sidewalks.  The canopies were installed as an art installation in the 1970's by John Pike on Wall Street and North Front Street.  Such a pleasant way to shop.
Found some fun books in Half Moon Books on N. Front Street.
And believe it or not I don't already own Clive Barker's BOOKS OF BLOOD, but I found 1-3 and 4-6.
Off behind the Senate house is Rhino Record Store. 
And oh baby what I found!!!!
Metallica Live at the Lyceum Ballroom in London 1984.  James and Cliff in full metal mode.  This one is on yellow vinyl, only 500 pressed.
And from last years Record Store Day the first time released Metallica NO LIFE 'TIL LEATHER demo on cassette.  Metallica with Dave Mustaine!!!  Dave in Metallica is fabulous but I could not have lived with out Megadeth all these years.  What sweet boys they were.
Along with the stone houses from the late 1600's there is also a mix of Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate and Colonial buildings.
Deeper into the old Stockade District.
I told you they had quite a collection.  In the Academy Green Park, statues of  Peter Stuyvesant, Gov. DeWitt Clinton and Henry Hudson.
After lunch at Stella's on North Front Street,  we headed down to the historic Roundout Waterfront District along the Roundout Creek.
Eclectic shops, restaurants, museums and a marina.
Looking out at Roundout Creek.
The Chamber Pear Tree.
And the lighthouse on the Hudson River.