Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Yesterday, June 20 was the 41st birthday of Bruce.  Who is Bruce you ask?
This is Bruce.  But I should say, the day his movie premiered, he keeps his actual birth date private.  Many handsome men are vain that way.

And look how happy he is we remembered his birthday!  Isn't he handsome? 
So, Bruce is the star of JAWS, and it is one of my favorite movies.  Based on the book by the amazing Peter Benchley.   
He also wrote the screen play.
Unlike most people, JAWS did not scare me, or turn me off of the water, or make me dislike sharks.  Quite the opposite, I already liked sharks and in 1975 I became shark obsessed.  And, if you are shark obsessed and more specifically JAWS obsessed what do you do?  Well you head to Marthas Vineyard.
We have been to the island several times, it really isn't all that far away, but seems like a world away.  On one occasion we traveled there by boat, but all the other visits were on the ferry from Cape Cod.

Here is a quick look at the beautiful Marthas Vineyard.
Aquinnah, MA is home to the Wampanoag Tribe and clay cliffs and beautiful beaches.

Gay Head Light.
Edgartown, MA
Many scenes in the movie were filmed in Edgartown.
Main Street, Edgartown.
Oak Bluffs, MA
Home of the American Legion Bridge, or as some like to call it the JAWS Bridge. 
Then there is Chappaquiddick Island, that is known for the infamous incident in 1969 on the Dike Bridge.  Again, it just seems murder follows me everywhere.  Hmm, did I say murder, yeah I believe I did.
Chilmark, MA
Tisbury and West Tisbury, MA
I have my fare share of Black Dog gear.
Marthas Vineyard is a beautiful and fun island to visit and it is so much more than the filming location of JAWS.  But, there are worse things to be known for.  So, one more look at my buddy Bruce at his best.
I dare you to tell me he isn't the most handsome leading man. 
Well, he may not have won an Oscar, but at lease he was the main focus of the promotional material.  And I will say it one more time, HANDSOME DEVIL. 

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