Thursday, August 25, 2016


So the 2016 Summer Olympics are over, it ended with the United States bringing home 121 medal. 46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze, not bad!  Very proud of our athletes.

But, this is about a look back at a past Winter Olympic and Lake Placid, New York.  Lake Placid is a little over 2 hour drive from the Capital Region, but it is still part of the good old 518, so it is like not even leaving home for me.

Lake Placid   was home to two Winter Olympics, the 1932 and the 1980.  And, it is also the Olympic Training Center   for many Olympic Athletes.  All of the Olympic venues are intact and active through out the year, for both athlete training and tourism.

Along with the Olympic venues, there is a charming business district; with shops and restaurants.
And you can definitely find some great Olympic souvenirs.
Just at the entrance to the village is the arena where the Miracle on Ice  occurred on Friday, February 22 1980.  The day the USA Hockey team taught the Russians, "you don't puck with the USA!"
And what a treat to be able to skate on that same ice!
You can also head over to the ski jump complex and take a ride up to the top of the jump. 
One hell of a view from up there!
Next is a ride on the bobsled.  In warmer weather you can ride the original track, but when in gets colder and the new track can be frozen, you can ride it as well.
Coming down the track!

I'm the third head in the sled, and yes we have a trained professional steering and braking the sled.
The perfect use for an old sled.
With in the village is Mirror Lake. 
But, there is a Lake Placid.  And you can take a lovely cruise on the very serene lake in a vintage wood sightseeing boat.
And, I mentioned before, it seems murder just seems to follow me around (well kind of) and Lake Placid is no exception.  The story of The Lady in the Lake;   goes, on September 21, 1933 Mabel Smith Douglass went for a row on the lake and disappeared.  Some 30 years later on September 15, 1963, divers found Mabel near Pulpit Rock.  And because of the condition of the lake water, she was very well preserved.  Her ghost is said to be seen on the rock.
The story has been immortalized in a book and has been turned into a movie.
There is more than just Olympic activities in Lake Placid, High Falls Gorge,  is a wonderful easy nature walk.
The Pot Hole.
Whiteface Mountain is a great experience.  You can drive up the auto road and take the elevator in the castle to the peak.
But, you can also ride the gondolas up the the top of the ski trails.
Let's take a look at that MIRACLE ON ICE one more time.

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