Tuesday, September 13, 2016


We headed to Kingston on Monday to climb aboard a Viking Ship.  Yes you read me correctly, Viking, as in helmet with horns.

The Draken Harald Harfagre  is a Viking Ship built in Norway; it sailed across the Atlantic to travel around the United States.  Her home port is in Haugesund, Norway and her construction started in March of 2010.  She is not a replica, and she is the largest dragon ship built in modern times.  She is named after King Harald Harfagre.  She and her crew set sail on April 24 to follow similar routes Vikings sailed over 1,000 years ago.  She traveled to Iceland, Greenland, Canada and eventually the USA. 

She has been in New York State for awhile.  She was in several areas around the Capital Region, but we were unable to get to her early ports of call, so we headed to Kingston were she was docked at the
Hudson River Maritime Museum.

Take a look at this beauty.  The crew was quite busy while in NYS, they had to remove the mast to pass under several bridges and had to take care while passing thru the canal system.  But, they really seemed to enjoy themselves while visiting our state.

Hum, wonder why they call her a dragon ship.
The crew busy at work.
She is a good sized ship by Viking standards, but traveling across the Atlantic?
Proudly flying the flag of Norway.
A photo of her with her sail up.
For more information on her voyage check out the crews facebook page.


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