Friday, October 28, 2016


***Caution*** Mature subtitles ahead....

So, I think we can all relate.  Something a little fun to start the long Halloween weekend.
Created by Frank Dietz to show how cranky the creature can get.  And boy, does he get cranky.

Frank Dietz  is an award winning film maker and co-founder of Benevolent Monster Productions.
Benevolent Monster Productions   is dedicated to the development and creation of high quality entertainment.

Monday, October 17, 2016


The Madison Theater   in Albany, hosted a Zombie Film Festival this past weekend.  So Friday night we headed to see the 7:00 p.m. showing of one of my go to movies.

Here is a teaser for the festival.  Such fun!
The 3 day festival featured 7 zombie movies, lectures, a book signing and a zombie party.
As far as I was concerned, the highlight of the weekend was the screening of George A. Romero's
Before and after the movie there was a lecture and talk with SUNY Buffalo English Professor
David Schmid.  I can not tell you exactly how many times I have watched this movie.  And yes sad to say I can recite dialogue.
"They're coming to get you, Barbara.  They're coming for you, Barbara.  They're coming for you!"
Such a classic movie.
The other movies that filled in the weekend were JUAN OF THE DEAD,
PONTYPOOL, WHITE ZOMBIE, 28 DAYS LATER and the very independent and locally shot zombie spoof DEAD BURGER.
The Madison is owned by Tierra Farms in Valatie. 
And they have a company store and coffee house next door to the theater.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


So, one of the coolest books was released in 2014; and the revenue from the book went to help no-kill shelters on the West Coast.  Also, a series of concerts, promoted by the Metal Meowlisha (Metal People Caring for Cats.)  Metal Meowlisha is a feral cat rescue, TSNR group started by Donald Tardy of the band Obituary, a Florida based Death Metal band.

Others that are credited for this movement of Metal Heads helping animals, are Greg Ginn of Black Flag and his cat rescue group, Decibel Magazine for coverage of the movement and all the other Metal Heads around the country working to help save the homeless pets and protect the rights of all animals in the United States.

The photographs in the book are of guys in the Metal Culture, from musicians to other industry professionals and artists.  This book also shows the culture is not one of evil, but one of caring, compassionate people who just like their music HEAVY!

The cover boys are Jason Roberts and Oliver.

One of my favorites features a Siamese by the name of Gravy and his dad Joe Mack.
The book features individual photos but also several collages.
And in the back is an index of the photos.
A look at some of the photos of the very hot (if I may say) Metal Heads and their equally adorable cats.  And it is so wonderful to see how much these guys love their cats.
Brooks Blackhawk and Fred
Like I said, hot!
Brandon Fosse and Rbo
Tell me this picture of Tony Stark is not the sweetest thing?
Aub Driver and Freya
Kyle Hegg
Beautiful men and beautiful cats, what better content for a book.  130 pages of great photos and the book is still available for purchase.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


We headed over to Route 20 and headed back east to Sharon Springs.  We wandered around the shops and had lunch at The Black Cat.

We stopped for some ice cream on the way home.
Then enjoyed more beautiful views on the drive home.
Four great days away, but it is good to be home.


Day two, we took a short drive to Cooperstown.  We headed to Fly Creek Cider Mill in Fly Creek, NY    first.

Over the Winter the store went through some amazing transformations, to make it a year round business.  And with in the renovations they revealed the original structure and created a museum of sorts.  Now back to that Fly Creek cook book in the Oneonta book store.
 And I had no idea there was an International Society of Apple Parer Enthusiasts?
Applications to join, who knew?
Then we headed over to Ommegang Brewery  for lunch.
Making lots and lots and lots of beer!  Look at this great iron piece and they even added a Corn Hole Game.  The complex is growing by the day!
After another amazing lunch we headed into Cooperstown and enjoyed the beautiful countryside.
We strolled around Cooperstown before heading back to the hotel.
Possibly my favorite thing in Cooperstown, this mural for the Farmer's Museum.
On the way back we took a peek inside the Cooperstown Dream Park.
And, although closed for the season, the guard watching over the maintenance let us in to take a couple of pictures and even handed us a couple of souvenir guides before we left.