Thursday, October 13, 2016


So, one of the coolest books was released in 2014; and the revenue from the book went to help no-kill shelters on the West Coast.  Also, a series of concerts, promoted by the Metal Meowlisha (Metal People Caring for Cats.)  Metal Meowlisha is a feral cat rescue, TSNR group started by Donald Tardy of the band Obituary, a Florida based Death Metal band.

Others that are credited for this movement of Metal Heads helping animals, are Greg Ginn of Black Flag and his cat rescue group, Decibel Magazine for coverage of the movement and all the other Metal Heads around the country working to help save the homeless pets and protect the rights of all animals in the United States.

The photographs in the book are of guys in the Metal Culture, from musicians to other industry professionals and artists.  This book also shows the culture is not one of evil, but one of caring, compassionate people who just like their music HEAVY!

The cover boys are Jason Roberts and Oliver.

One of my favorites features a Siamese by the name of Gravy and his dad Joe Mack.
The book features individual photos but also several collages.
And in the back is an index of the photos.
A look at some of the photos of the very hot (if I may say) Metal Heads and their equally adorable cats.  And it is so wonderful to see how much these guys love their cats.
Brooks Blackhawk and Fred
Like I said, hot!
Brandon Fosse and Rbo
Tell me this picture of Tony Stark is not the sweetest thing?
Aub Driver and Freya
Kyle Hegg
Beautiful men and beautiful cats, what better content for a book.  130 pages of great photos and the book is still available for purchase.

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