Thursday, November 17, 2016


First, let me explain something; no, I still don't understand how this ended up in Ticonderoga, NY;  but the gentleman that started this whole thing does live there.  There is NO other connection between the show, the studio and the town.  But, it is great for Ticondergoa, which is home to the beautiful Fort Ticonderoga;   and it sits on the banks of the mighty Lake Champlain. 

So, we took a short drive (about an hour and 45 minutes) up the Northway to the Adirondacks   to Ticonderoga.  We decided to spend the night so we wouldn't be too tired for the space trip the next morning.  Our destination The Original Star Trek Set Tour.

It is an amazing replica of the set on the DesiLu studio that was home to the cast of Star Trek.  It is such an amazing replica that it is licensed by CBS to operate as a museum.  The $24.00 to get in for the hour tour is a bargain!  Our cute little tour guide was originally from Troy, and moved up the Northway just to work for the museum.    Here is a look at our tour.
As I said, it is not a tour of a space ship, but of the studio set.
Heading on in.
My favorite was the Transporter Room and they allow you to stand on the Transporter for photos.
The iconic Star Ship Enterprise hallway.

Bone's quarters.
Scotty's domain.
And the all important bridge, with the Captain's chair (again you can sit for photos.) Also, the usual spots for Uhura, Sulu and my favorite Checkov.
The tour guides are well versed in information, facts and anecdotes about the studio, the show and the cast.  There are also cases filled with memorabilia and props used in the series.; plus other cool period stuff!
And, in August there is a Star Trek Convention called Trekonderoga. 
So, if you are a bit of geek like me, I suggest you check it out.  Oh, and here are my favorite Star Trek novelties.
Everyone needs their own Tribble, don't you think?
And no post about a Star Trek Convention of set tour would be complete with out.....
Watch it!



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