Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Got out Friday night to see one of my favorite bands.  "Supergroup" HellYeah   was formed in 2006 by some of my favorite musicians from some of my favorite bands.  Chad Gray of Mudvayne, Tom Maxwell of Nothingface and the legendary Vinnie Paul (Abbott) Pantera.  The current line up, which is my favorite, also includes the AMAZING (and beautiful) Kyle Sanders and Christian Brady.  Oh I will say it, five beautiful men!  Chadness and Tom started it as an experiment; they wanted Vinnie but he had taken a hiatus from music after the murder of his brother by an obsessed fan.  They were relentless and Vinnie finally agreed.  Again, just an experiment, BUT, the band quickly became a great success, and for that I am truly grateful.

Tom, Christian, Chadness, Kyle, Vinnie Paul
They performed at the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park.  This intimate venue only holds up to 1000 people, which to me is a perfect size.  UCH started out many many years ago as Northern Lights, and it is still going strong, bringing great music to our area.  We have several other performance venues, but for heavy music UCH is the place.
There is an elevated seating area under the mural off to the left and offers a great view of the stage.  But I prefer to be right up to the rail.  The coolest thing about the venue is the stage is only 3 feet off the ground.  What a view!
One of two bars, one in the center of the space; the other off to the right side with seating behind, tables and booths.
Such a cool bare bones venue.  Stage off in the back and to the left.
Ticket prices are always very reasonable and it is general admission, so you can be up as close as you want to the stage, or hang out in a seating area behind the bar or just wander around.
HellYeah came with Swedish group InFlames, and two young groups.  Source from Denver, CO and From Ashes to New from Lancaster, PA.  All four bands were amazing but I was there for HellYeah.
The set list.
They really were incredible.  Chad's voice was better than ever.  Vinnie was solid on the drums.  Tom, Christian and Kyle were wild men.  They played a nice mix of songs from all of their studio albums and played my favorites.  Such a memorable night.
Family photo from Clifton Park.  I'm right behind Chad!
The boys doing what they do live!!!!
A little acoustic (sorry not the greatest video.)

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