Monday, December 5, 2016


Got out this past Saturday night to the Madison Theater in Albany,     to see the amazingly talented Mike Campese.

Mike has performed at the Madison several times and Saturday night he and his trio performed 2 1/2 hours to benefit Toys for Tots.  He played a mix of rock, classical, blues, jazz and a few holiday tunes on both electric and acoustic.  His range is astounding!  He is quite shy and very sweet but when those fingers start moving he gets lost in the music (and takes the audience with him.)  Hearing him in this small venue was a gift.  The acoustics are great and the audience is close enough to see those fingers fly across the strings.
Mike, a Capital Region native, who lives in Albany is a guitar player and composer known for being a member of Trans-Siberia Orchestra.  He is on the TSO album, THE LOST CHRISTMAS EVE that went gold.  In 2008 he released his own rock Christmas record, THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS.
He has released 9 records of his own and appears on THE WARMTH OF THE WILDERNESS a Jason Becker tribute album.  Mike is a true guitar virtuoso and composes and plays (acoustic and electric) rock fusion.  He composes both vocal and instrumental arrangements.  His ability to improvise is amazing.
He is a contributor to several major guitar print and digital publications.  And he is in heavy rotation on NPR (National Public Radio.)  He has toured and performed with many national acts and at many icon music venues.
Check this out!
Here is a clip from a previous appearance at the historic Madison Theater.  He is playing VIBE from the record of the same name.
A few photos of the well attended show.
As I said, he played 2 1/2 hours with out a break and never missed a beat.  He is an amazing artist and I had a wonderful time!

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